Islamic State (IS) in key data

In this webpage, I’ve published various key figures relating (among others) to the composition and state of combat troops from the Islamic State group, as well as the murderous consequences of its military/terrorist actions. I’ve also displayed a batch of real-time data regarding their financing, and their presence on social networks. Lastly, I’ve highlighted some significant numbers on their armed forces in comparison to those of the coalition. A quick look at these figures mainly reveals the overall intensity of the deadly military offensive of the Islamic State, and also the very huge power imbalance between their fighting factions and those from the coalition army. Therefore, the question we should ask ourselves is: How can so few fighters cause so much horrendous human damage all over the world? Several experts in military and strategic disciplines as well as many political scientists are inclined to think that many transnational networks of unscrupulous smugglers, facilitators and terrorist sympathisers are now deploying throughout the world.

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