David Bihanic, designer-researcher


My research addresses theoretical and practical issues of design — most of my work seeks to identify the new challenges of the discipline considering, in particular, the linkages between design and engineering sciences. Specifically, I examine the formal and aesthetic stakes underlying data visualization, data design processes and methods, and groundbreaking software solutions.

Research fields

– Aesthetics and contemporary design theories,
– Epistemology of creative design (poietics),
– Digital design and creative informatics; “end-user” interface design {map-like, tangible, relationship-based interfaces etc.}; data visualization aesthetics/data design methods and techniques; creative digital design process.

Awards & recognition

2016: Award-winning design project of Information+ Conference call for exhibition proposals — “Information Everything” exhibition curated by Gillian Russell (independent curator, PhD candidate in Design, Royal College of Art — RCA), London) and Katherine Gillieson (Associate Professor, Emily Carr University of Art + Design). June 6 – July 3, 2016, Concourse Gallery, Emily Carr University of Art + Design, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Event in partnership with the International council of Design (Ico-D), the Information Design Association (IDA), The Information Design Journal (IDJ) published by John Benjamins Publishing Company, the International Institute for Information Design (IIID), the “sociedade brasileira de design da informação” (sbdi).

Project title: “Data Shapes

2013: Award-winning research project of Interactive Experiences 2013 (research bonus) call for projects: a grant program launched by Pictanovo supporting and accompanying emerging proposals in the fields of game studies, media studies, digital humanities and interactive arts. This funding program engages regional and transfrontier cooperation of the key stakeholders in the digital economy: the Regional Council of Nord Pas de Calais, “Lille Métropole” (the City of Lille), the Grand Hainaut Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Grand Hainaut CCI), the National Film and Moving Image Centre (CNC), the Regional Center for Audiovisual Ressources (CRRAV), Wallimage Crossmedia and Creative Wallonia.

Research topic: “Data narratives: the emergent forms of documentary writing” (study directed by David Bihanic for the Calhiste laboratory, with the contribution of Thibault Jaillon, consultant and interactive engineer at SquareGlasses) — scientific contribution to the web-documentary project entitled “The Valley of the Queens” produced by Production Bambasi with the support of TV5 Monde, UN-Water, UniverscienceSuez Environnementthe French Development Agency (AFD) and the the National Health and Safety Conference (CNS).

2012 : Award-winning research project of MESHS 2012-2013 (European Centre for Human Sciences — USR 3185) call for projects: a research grant program supporting emerging proposals and develop excellence in research activities in the social sciences and humanities.

Research topic: “User empowerment: the end-user engagement in ongoing development of digital/technological products and services — Interdisciplinary studies and combined approaches.”

2011: Award-winning research proposal of INFORSID call for projects: a research grant program in Information System Design and Engineering of the INFORSID conference, and the Research Group (CNRS) “Information — Interaction — Intelligence” (GdR-i3). (2012) An exceptional extension was granted by the INFORSID committee.

Research topic: “User vision: visual representation of complex information systems.”

2010: Award-winning research project of the RNSC/ISC-PIF call for projects: an innovative research grant program of the French National Network of Complex Systems (RNSC), and the Institute of Complex Systems of Ile-de-France (ISC-PIF).

Research topic: “Design contribution to complex systems engineering: interface design inputs for model engineering” (co-head of the research project with Thomas Polacsek, research engineer at the ONERA).

2010: Award-winning research proposal of the “Emergence(s)” call for projects: a research grant program of the City of Paris launched at the initiative of Jean-Louis Missika and Jean-Marie Le Guen.

Research topic: “Urban design and social innovation: when the city becomes a living laboratory.” (co-head of the research project with Sophie Pène, professor at the University Paris Descartes).

Professional assignments (selection)

Since 2015: Member of the National Council of French Universities (“Conseil national des Universités”): section 18th.

Since 2015: Permanent researcher at the ACTE Research Institute (UMR 8218).

Since 2015: Associated Researcher at the CALHISTE Laboratory (Culture, Arts, Literature, History of Societies and Foreign Territories — EA 4343).

Since 2015: Senior Research Fellow at ENSADlab (Art and Design Research Laboratory of the “Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs” — ENSAD).

Since 2015: Member of the scientific committee of the journal “Les cahiers du numérique” published by Hermes-Lavoisier editions.

2016: Member of the jury of the Post graduate degree in fine Arts Studies (National degree DNSEP (Higher National Diploma of Fine Arts Studies) — Design option. Regional School of Fine Arts,(ESBA Angers), Angers.

2016: Member of the scientific advisory committee, and rapporteur of the selection committee for the University of Toulouse Jean Jaurès (referring to the associated professor recruitment procedure) — Job N°4317, 2016 campaign — CNU section: 18; Job profile “Design.”

2015: President of jury issuing the Higher Diploma in Applied Arts (DSAA diploma in graphic design) — on appointment of the Academy Rector. The Higher School of Applied Arts and Textiles (ESAAT) Roubaix.

Since 2015 : Member of the editorial board of the scientific journal “Sciences du Design” published by PUF (“Presses Universitaires de France”). The journal receives support from the University of Nîmes, the High School of Art and Design in Geneva (HEAD), “L’Ecole de Design de Nantes Atlantique” — EDNA, Les Ateliers-Paris Design Institute — “ENSCI-Les Ateliers”, Strate School of Design.

Since 2014: Senior Research Fellow at ENSADlab (Art and Design Research Laboratory of the “Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs” — ENSAD), and coordinator of the first section (section 1) “Information Visualization” of the research program entitled “DiiP/Reflective Interaction” — IDEX “Paris Sciences et Lettres”  (PSL Research University), LABEX “Cultural Industries and Digital Art Creation” (“Industries Culturelles et Création Artistique, Numérique et Internet” — ICCA), and “Art and Human Mediation” (ARTS-H2H).

Since 2014: Chair of the RES conference‘s expert panel (cycle from Applied Research and Innovation dedicated to Data Visualization). RES conference receives the support of the University of Valenciennes and Hainaut-Cambresis, CALHISTE Laboratory, MESHS (European Centre for Human Sciences — USR 3185), the Big Data Alliance, the Francophone Association of HCI (AFIHM, and the Working Group GT-VIF); with the collaboration of the University of Lille (Lille 1 and 3), INRIA (the French National Institute for Computer Science and Applied Mathematics), the University of ‘Haute Bretagne’ (Brittany), Pictanovo-Plaines Images, the University of Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne, ACTE Research Institute, the CNAM (“Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers”, A Public Scientific, Cultural and Professional Institution, classed as a “grand établissement”, among France’s top higher education establishments), The CEDRIC Laboratory (CNAM’s Research Unit in Computer Science — EA 4629), the “Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs” — ENSAD, ENSADlab. Researchers-experts members of the Scientific Review Committee are: Fatma Bouali (LIFL, UMR 8022), Pierre-Henri Cubaud (CEDRIC, EA 4629), Nathalie Delbard (CEAC,  EA 3587), Sophie Pittalis (GERIICO, EA 4073), Nicolas Roussel (INRIA Lille, Groupe MINT) et Nicolas Thély (APP, EA 3208).

Since 2014: Member of the jury for the competitive examination of Aggregation of Art (Design option).

Since 2013: Researcher associated with the project “The End of Maps? — Dreamed Territories, Standardized Territories” directed by Aline Caillet, Sophie Fétro, Anna Guillo, and Karen O’Rourke of the Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne (ACTE Research Institute) — research units and academic institutions in partnership: “Geographie-Cites” (UMR 8504); APP, EA 3208; AIAC, EA 4010; CALHISTE, EA 4343, the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD); the “Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Architecture de Toulouse” (LRA Laboratory); the FRAC Centre.

Since 2012: Member of the Research Group (CNRS) on Software Engineering (“Génie de la Programmation et du Logiciel” — GdR-GPL), Co-lead of the project “Visualization and Manipulation of Complex Models” (with Sophie Dupuy-Chessa, Xavier Le Pallec, and Thomas Polacsek).

Since 2012: Member of the Working Group (GT) entitled “Visualization” co-directed by both Research Groups (CNRS): “Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality” (GdR-IGRV), and “Information, Interaction, Intelligence” (GdR-I3).

Since 2015: Co-coordinator of the research project “Critical epistemology of Design” of the CALHISTE Laboratory (with Catherine Chomarat-Ruiz).

Since 2009: Expert committee member at the Quebec Fund for Research on Society and Culture (FQRSC), Quebec Minister of Economic Development, Innovation and Export (MDEIE).

2015: Co-facilitator (with Pierrick Thébault) of a Data Design workshop “Digital Information Design (DID)” — Business Design Lab directed by Gilles Rougon (Design manager at EDF-R&D), 11th international European Academy of Design conference (EAD’11), April 22-24 2015, “Institut de Psychologie” of the University Paris Descartes, Boulogne-Billancourt.

2015: Member of the coordination committee of the “Big Data Mining and Visualization” Conference (focus on Big Data research in Digital Humanities), June 18-19 2015, “Institut des Sciences de l’Homme” (ISH), Lyon. With the support of three Working Groups (CNRS): “Complex Data Mining” (GT-FDC), Large Graph Mining (GT-FGG), and “Visualization” GT-VIF.

2014-2015: Member of the MESHS council (gathering the affiliated laboratories and institutions).

2014-2015: Deputy Director of the CALHISTE Laboratory (Culture, Arts, Literature, History of Societies and Foreign Territories — EA 4343) — Director: Corinne Beck. This research unit have around 100 reasearchers, 80 associated researchers, 25 doctoral dandidates, 5 postdoctoral candidates. It regroups 12 CNU sections (7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 18, 21, 22, 23, 74).

2013-2015: Co-coordinator of the research axis “Creation and Digital Humanities” of the CALHISTE Laboratory (with Ludovic Nys).

2012-2015: Postgraduate program director, Head of the Master’s degree in Digital Arts/Design, and Technology, University of Valenciennes and Hainaut-Cambresis (UVHC).

2012-2015: Coordinator of the research program “Create, Design, Experiment, and innovate with new technologies” of the CALHISTE Laboratory  with the collaboration of the RAILENIUM Research Centre and the the pole of competitiveness I-Trans.

2011-2015:Permanent researcher at the CALHISTE Laboratory (EA 4343).

2014: Member of the program committee of the INFORSID Conference (32th edition). Co-moderator of the session entitled “Visualization and Manipulation of Complex Models” (with Xavier Le Pallec and Thomas Polacsek).

2013: Member of the CNU evaluation committee of the research unit “Arts of Images and Contemporary Art” (AIAC, EA 4010) of the University Paris 8 Vincennes Saint-Denis.

2013: Member of the scientific advisory committee, and rapporteur of the selection committee for the University of Nîmes (referring to the associated professor recruitment procedure) — Job N°4053, 2013 campaign  CNU sections: 18, 71, 72; Job profile “Design.”

2012: Member of the scientific advisory committee, and rapporteur of the selection committee for the University Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne (referring to the associated professor recruitment procedure) — Job N°4055, 2012 campaign — CNU section: 18; Job profile “Design theory and practice.”

2011: Member of the program committee of the INFORSID Conference (29th edition).

2010-2012: Researcher associated with the LABEX (LABoratory as a center of EXcellence) project entitled “Creation, Arts and Cultural heritage” (“Création, Arts et Patrimoine” — CAP).

2010-2012: Director of Data Design Research program (Head/Designer-Researcher), “Data³Design: DataObjects, DataVis & DataFlow Design”, The Paris DesignLab of Les Ateliers-Paris Design Institute — “ENSCI-Les Ateliers”. Area of research: “Urban design and social innovation, when city becomes a living laboratory”, award-winning research proposal from the “Emergence(s) 2010” call for projects of the City of Paris.

2012: Ph.D thesis committee member, The Laboratory of Theoretical and Applied Aesthetics, University of Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne. Ph.D Thesis defended on January 20, 2010 by Maryam Khalili, Title: “Sensory design and tactile objects.”

2010-2012: Research team coordinator, The Paris DesignLab composed of permanent and guest researchers from the University of Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne, the University of Paris IV-Sorbonne, the University of Paris Descartes, the University of Paris 8 Vincennes Saint-Denis and managers as well as the designers-teachers from Les Ateliers-Paris Design Institute.

2010-2011: Undergraduate program director, Head of the Bachelor’s degree in Design, Technologies & Internet (DTI) — Digital Products/Services Design and Development, University of Auvergne — Clermont-Ferrand I.

2010: Ph.D thesis committee member, The “Presence and Innovation” Research Laboratory, Arts et Métiers ParisTech. Ph.D Thesis defended on November 20, 2010 by Grégoire Cliquet, Title: “Method of innovation in the era of Web 2.”

2008-2011: Head of Internships & Industrial Partnerships, The “Services and Communication Networks Department” of the Institute of Technology, University of Auvergne — Clermont-Ferrand I.

2008-2009: Organizing co-chair of the 1st Conference on Virtual Physical Bodies and Virtual being, University of Auvergne — Clermont-Ferrand I, June 22-24 2009.

2007-2009: Guest researcher at the Institute for Research and Innovation (IRI) — The Centre Pompidou (residency program financed by Microsoft France).

2007-2008: Conference program coordinator, 4th Design Research Symposium (“Atelier de la Recherche en Design”), June 12-13, 2008, Nantes.

2007-2008: Scientific & Technological Research coordinator, “L’Ecole de Design de Nantes Atlantique” — EDNA.

2006-2011: Permanent researcher at the Laboratory of Theoretical and Applied Aesthetics (EA 2478), also at the Aesthetics Research Centre, and at the Environment and Design Research and Study Centre; associated researcher at the established pole for research and higher Education HéSaM (for “Hautes Etudes-Sorbonne-Arts et Metiers”).

2006-2008: Lead researcher, SEISM (Scenario Editing Interactive State Machine) project — research project sponsored by the French National Research Agency (ANR), in partnership with the “Ecole des Mines de Nantes“, “L’Ecole de Design de Nantes Atlantique” — EDNA, and Succubus Interactive Company.

2004: Organizing co-chair of the CNRT seminar on cross-disciplinary approaches to the Software Engineering, Thomson R&D France, October 12-13 2004, ETI — IRISA, Rennes.

2001-2006: Permanent researcher at the Visual Arts Study and Research Centre, EA 2479.

Other teaching appointments

2014-2015: Visiting professor, Master’s degree in Media-based Interaction Design of the University Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne.

2010-2013: Visiting professor, Joint master’s degree program in Design & Environment of the University Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne, and Telecom ParisTech (in partnership with Les Ateliers-Paris Design Institute — “ENSCI-Les Ateliers”).

2011-2012: Visiting professor, Joint Master’s degree in Digital Design & Technology of the CNAM, the French for National Audiovisual Institute (INA), and the University Paris 8 Vincennes Saint-Denis (in partnership with Les Ateliers-Paris Design Institute — “ENSCI-Les Ateliers”).

2009: Visiting professor, Joint Design workshop of the University of Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne, Telecom ParisTech (ATHENS program), and Les Ateliers-Paris Design Institute — “ENSCI-Les Ateliers”.

Ph.D. theses & projects supervised

Since 2016: Ph.D thesis co-supervisor of the Aurélie Daanen’s ongoing thesis/dissertation (University of Technology of Troyes, UTT Tech-CICO Team, the “Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs” — ENSAD), ENSADlab) with Pascal Salembier (UTT), Genevieve Filippi, and Gilles Rougon (EDF-R&D). Ph.D thesis cofinanced by EDF-R&D and ANRT — CIFRE: industrial research agreements. Dissertation title: “Design contribution to Software Engineering in industrial context: the case of innovative tools for information sharings.”

Since 2014: Ph.D thesis co-supervisor of the Azza Stambouli’s ongoing thesis/dissertation (CALHISTE Laboratory) in collaboration with Catherine Chomarat-Ruiz and Ammari Jemmali — cotutelle with the University of Manouba, Tunisia. Dissertation title: “Design opportunities of electronic textiles: towards a new relationship-driven UI model.”

Since 2014: Ph.D thesis co-supervisor of the Antonin Jousse’s ongoing thesis/dissertation (CALHISTE laboratory) in collaboration with Catherine Chomarat-Ruiz. Dissertation title: “User interaction in Digital Artistic installations.”

Since 2012: Ph.D thesis co-supervisor of the Eulalie Pierquin’s ongoing thesis/dissertation (CALHISTE laboratory) in collaboration with Catherine Chomarat-Ruiz (also Patrizia Laudati, Head of sector “Civil Engineering, Architecure and Urbanism” at UVHC), Vincent Becue, and Étienne Holoffe — cotutelle with the University of Mons (Faculty of Architecture), Belgium. Dissertation title: “Digital city & creative mobilty: toward a re-enchantment of the city through new technologies for creative expression”.

Since 2015: Student master’s design projects supervised (about 4 projects per year) of the Master’s degree in Media-based Interaction Design, University Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne.

2011-2015: Student master’s design projects supervised (about ten projects per year) of the Master’s degree in Digital Design and Engineering, UVHC.

2009-2013: Ph.D thesis co-supervisor of the Pierrick Thébault’s thesis/dissertation (Industrial Research Partnership/CIFRE Convention with Alcatel-Lucent) in collaboration with Simon Richir, Director of the “Presence and Innovation” Research Laboratory of Arts et Métiers ParisTech, Henri Samier, Director of the Innovation branch of Arts et Metiers ParisTech, and also Frederique Pain, Head of User Experience Design of Bell labs (Alcatel-Lucent). Dissertation title: “Enhancing user experience design for the web things.”

2007-2010: Ph.D thesis co-supervisor of the Clement Gault’s thesis/dissertation (Industrial Research Partnership/CIFRE Convention with Orange) in collaboration with Christine Chevallereau, Director of the Robotics Research Lab (“L’Institut de Recherche en Communication et Cybernetique de Nantes — IRCCyN, UMR 6597”) of the University of Nantes, Cedric Dumas, Associate Professor at the “Ecole des Mines de Nantes”, and also Emmanuel Mahé, Senior Consultant at Orange labs. Dissertation title: “Tangible/active user interface systems for communication.”

2011: Design project supervisor (Industrial Designer degree) of Eric Maucout, Les Ateliers-Paris Design Institute — “ENSCI-Les Ateliers”.

2008-2011: Student’s design projects supervised (about thirty projects) of the Bachelor’s degree in Design, Technologies & Internet (DTI) — Digital Products/Services Design and Development, University of Auvergne — Clermont-Ferrand I.


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