Part of the “Discontrol Party (DP)” (#3) software platform (managed by Samuel Bianchini), Dotz is realtime data visualization sketch/module/brick that offers to visually/graphically track and expand dancers’ displacements and movements in a nightclub (included those pushed to the very borders of acrobatics). In this way, each party guy can follow the trace (a moving dot with a colored tail) of his own movements on his smartphone (Android and IOS mobile) ― all traces are also projected on the internal walls related to the spatial position of each dancer. This project was developed in the framework of the ‘Large Group Interaction’ research project at ENSADlab (Art and Design Research Laboratory of “The École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs”—ENSAD), ‘Reflective Interaction’ Group.

Please download a PDF document with few mockups: Download the PDF doc

Please access a short animation (as preview): Access the anim


A two-person team

UI and data design: David Bihanic
Sensor data acquisition and UI programming: Oussama Mubarak

Software tools and programming languages: Mobilizing.js/Javascript, webGL―OpenGL

Copyright © David Bihanic - All rights reserved.